Friday, October 31, 2008

we "HEART" u!!!

Hello to all our fellow bloggers. Just a quick note to advise each and everyone of you that WE will post our next fashion victim/criminal next Tuesday. Once again, WE are only making critical advisements not making judgement. WE could all use alittle help here and there. Trust us when WE say that WE have all fallen into this pit ourselves. WE too are not immune to the weekly list. Until then, peace, love, unity and don't get caught on camera!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


OK LADIES!! shoes are the biggest part of an outfit that can make or break it. This year we have a variety of different styles of footwear that LOOK like your feet will kill in them, but DONT once you try the shoe on. Designers finally realized that comfort for the feet are a MUST. Below are some of the HOTTEST styles for the season. ENJOY!!!

Ankle boots are probably the most Stylish right now colors for this season: Look for optimistic colors that range to feature in faux monochromes. Raspberry reds, burgundy, cool blues, purples, split pea. Livened up with fl ashy and bright accents originating from active sport.

Choose a shoe that will show your outfit off but not overtake it. You can find shoes anywhere these days that are beyond CUTE! my choice for that place is PAYLESS. Its not like it was back in the day when payless was actually "PAYLESS". They now carry shoes that are not only affordable but sylish. The best way to shop for shoes.....TRY ON EVERYTHING THAT LOOKS GOOD!! These shoes below are from PAYLESS, GO AND FIND THEM:

The Fashion Police/Matchmakers! lol

So I just read all the comments from our 1ST fashion post & I guess we have a misunderstanding. We are NOT trying to embarrass you or hurt anyones feelings. We are just trying to KEEP IT REAL. Seriously and give you guys a few pointers on fashion and of course we will be upgrading ourselves as well! Also I am going to be matchmaker. I got Janet a hot guy and now I will be working on Sini!hehe. Anyways back to the point, so if you are fashion victim of the week don't be sensitive or mad because we really are just trying to help a bit. Like Janet also said we are not judging anyone too, just a few tips won't hurt anyone right. So don't be MAD get GLAD!!!! Relax Tampax! Well now thats over this last weekend & all of November is going to be super busey! So excited for the holidays! Also if your reading this can you please message your addresses to me for Zion's baby shower on November 27, 2008. Thank you & peaceout!<3 color="#cc33cc">SALLY!

Might I add, (Janet forgot this picture so I will post it for her) Polka-dot dresses like this should only be worn by baby Fiti or baby Alyia. Also it is way too short, showing too much skin. This doesn't mean you can't wear a summer dress. You can still rock one, but something more appropriate for your age too. (Keep that in mind!) You don't want to send out the wrong message. Perhaps wearing a knee length dress that is flowy, also with a band just below the chest area to emphasize your small waist. Also if you do have broad shoulders you want to wear straps, do NOT wear tube top dresses because it will empahsize your broad shoulders. You don't want to look masculine in a pretty dress. Also if you don't really want to wear a strapped summer dress you can also wear a dress that has sleeves like the picture shown below. Once again it is cute, appropriate and knee length! You can even add a high waisted belt if you wanted to to once again emphasize your small waist.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok so for this wonderful Halloween week we chose Cordelia. She's the first person we thought of and well.....she's the next oldest girl in the family so it's only fitting. Dont get us wrong we love her, BUT WE DONT LOVE HER FASHION! I know your all probably saying to yourself, Who are you to judge? Well I myself being a late fashion bloomer KNOW BETTER!! I have seen many of my siblings dress in attire that is....lets just say not amusing to the eye. Cordelia is a perfect example of woman today who dont know how to dress there size. She's not super skinny (which by the way isn't a bad thing) and she's not super massive(which is also a good thing). She falls in the category where MANY women fall, Average WOMEN WITH CURVES!! She has many beautiful pieces in her wardrobe. She just lacks the follow through of putting it together.

There is one particular skirt Cordelia loves to wear. It is a short washed jean that hits above the knee. She wears it as her versatile skirt. The only problem is that wearing a washed jean of any type widens the thigh area. For curvy women who have problems in the thigh area its a major NO NO! A dark denim pencil skirt would accentuate the curves of her hips. LADIES a dark pencil skirt can go a long way. Invest in one, it says CLASSY not TRASHY! I know the most difficult thing to buy are jeans, so for jean shopping always think DARK DENIMs. STAY AWAY from jeans that are tight around the booty through the thighs and wide legged all at the same time. Cordelia's choice is obvious. The washed look at the thighs BIG NO NO so please cut them up and toss them. Now lets talk about tops. Cordelia's big NO NO'S are tops that are TOO SMALL which create a shorter torso. Realize that your top should fall at the midline of your navel NOT above your belly button. For a women of Cordelia's size the off the shoulder is great, but it has to be worn right. She does have broad shoulders WE ALL KNOW THAT! As do I, but to wear the right shirt, pick material that doesn't hug your NEGATIVE AREAS. Proportion is the key for every plus size women. Im not saying hide your body because its NO SECRET that your body is your body. Embrace what you have and it'll make picking out clothing SOOO much easier. Here are some types of clothing I would choose for Cordelia. Wrapped tops look great and bring the waist in. The structured tops help elongate the torso and brings the eye to your center. Choose fabrics that flow and drape nicely. Well for women who suffer of chubbage in certain areas remember dark denims that lengthen you are your BEST FRIEND. Choose tops that enhance your best assets. Dont be a skank and give away all your goodies. Hide what should be hidden, show with a little curiosity and DRESS TO IMPRESS....YOURSELF!! So if you happen to fall under the watchful eyes of "JLS" dont be scared we dont bite, but we do scratch....sometimes!!
“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman." Mary Kay Ashe


Hey dudes, once again I'm waiting on my next class & I just got back from Denny's..YUMMMY!.haha. Thank you Blake & Kevin for the treat! haha. Anyways, so I also got a new cute scarf yesterday, it's black & white! & Halloween is coming up so I'm super excited! Not so excited about Jay's baby shower but whatever, hopefully the food is good at least!haha. & Janet you should wear a puletasi & get ready to serve at the baby shower.haha. I joke. & Nette u look cute in that pic! That does make up for what you looked like the day before looking like a hotmess!haha. LOVES YALL who is reading this! & Oh yea our fashion victim for this week is..."Cordelia"!!! or what Daniel & Francis call her Cordzilla. So janet will be posting the fashion NO, NO's of Cords.hehe.


So this is me getting ready to go to work. Janet was basically buggin' for me to take a pic so that she could assist me with this site. So, this is my 1st time ever "blogging" as my sisters put it. I'll keep it real. I'm not as excited as my other family members are about blogging. I nickname this site as the site for the "young married mormon couples"!!! You know the stay at home mothers that are proud of their little ones. I'm more of a "view only" type of person. I guess it's due to the fact that I'm also computer iliterate. I'm only on this site to view the growth of my sibs and cousins kids. It's amazing to see how many children they have and how quickly everyone has grown. I also have to admit that its hilarious how much info people put into these sites. Alot of extremely interesting and informational ideas. Yes, since joining yesterday, I've completely viewed as many family blogs as I could while at work. As the days and weeks drag on, Janet and Sally will probably be more of the bloggers than me. I'll try my best to keep up but like I said before, I'm not as keen as they are. So until then, enjoy the page.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So right now im tryin to get my lyrics together for the John Lennon Songwriters competition and its harder than I thought so I took a break away to look for an outfit for jessie's BABY SHOWER PARTAY!! Its this weekend and well those who know me, know that it takes FOREVER to find an outfit. Its at the park so if anyone has any pointers please feel free to send a comment this way.....I totally just took a cute picture of nette just now, she's heading off to work and she finally did her hair and make-up this pic will replace the horrible pic she took yesterday. SHE'S LOOKIN tzzzz HOTT!! Anyways besides Sally playing pimp Im really excited for this weekend. So for those who are reading this weak 1st blog I LOVE YOU BUT I LOVES ME MORE!! OH AND DONT FORGET BRO'S OVA HO'S PEOPLE, BRO'S OVA HO'S!!

School sucks.

It's SALLY'S 1st blog!!
So I'm like in school right now waiting for my next class & my friend, Levi is super boring! So I thought I wouldn't have anyone to entertain me But then my new friend, Jason, just showed up out of the blue, with his little sister, which is my friend, Kelsey. So we were chatting right & I was telling him how "BITTER" Janet is on NOT going on a date with him. I did tell him I talked to Janet yesterday and told her everything I knew about him. But still she is bitter so I think you guys should tell Janet to just go on a freaken blind date!!!haha. Seriously he is HOT, WHITE, & has a FO-HAWK! nothing gets better than that. & Oh yeah he likes talking about vampires & read Twilight!lol

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today Janet, Lynnette and Sally went shopping for baby Marley Ianeta Fields! Here are the outfits we found.... HOTTNESS!!!


Nette with her purses (that she is going to share with her daughters Sally & Janet)

I finallly got a freaken cute trench!!! (is NEVER going to share so don't bother asking!! (FITI & SINA)

Janet & "HER" high waisted jeans (she HAS TO SHARE with NETTE!)