Thursday, November 20, 2008


So its been really hard lately to find casualties for our fashion blog. THE REASON.....well lets just say our well informed family members have caught on to the FASHION BUG quicker than we had hoped. THIS is actually a good thing because with only a handful of victims we were scarce on our quest to find a new casualty.....BUT LUCKILY FOR US WE DID!!

LADIES FIRST......Tara suffers from an infectious disease that many island bound women catch its called "STUCK". It catches quick so BEWARE! Once again we have a women with body its a beautiful thing when you realize you have body and you tend to either hide it or show it. Either way IT DOESN'T MATTER ABOUT THE SIZE....JUST HOW YOU DRESS IT!! I know living in Kona its hard to find clothing for women of our size....and if you do YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS IT !! It only matters how you put it together with existing clothing in your closet. As for the selection of jeans DARK DENIM LADIES, DARK DENIM!! i cant stress it enough, but DARK DENIM IS ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO! As for Capri's ITS A BIG NO NO....Capri's are meant for OLD WOMEN who walk around with BINGO STAMPERS IN THERE PURSES!! lets all burn our CAPRI'S NOW....lets burn all our jeans that are too tight around the thigh area...YOU EITHER LOSE THE WEIGHT OR YOU GO UP A SIZE.....LETS KEEP IT REAL!!

WHAT DO WE RECOMMEND: We'll since KONA is a hard place to shop we suggest kimono dresses, soft silky material that hang and flow delicately off the body. Color is the biggest thing that is coming up for Spring fashion. The photo on the right is clothing from Old Navy, the two from the left Lane Bryant. A bargain store to shop at in kona for cute "every things" is have to look but its worth it when you find it!!

NOW TONY: For men's fashion its practically the same for women its all about FIT! One thing I have to mention as a BIG NO NO...IS THE PUKA SHELL NECKLACES!!...Its been haunting me ever since i saw tony wear that DANG PUKA SHELL NECKLACE...PLEASE leave the shells to the ocean, that's where they belong. Tony has a good sizeable collection of clothing he just needs to spring clean through it. Khaki shorts and striped collared shirts are so.....hmmm.....GUBERISH! Khaki shorts are fine just know how to wear them. Pair your khakis with a structured yet subtle lightweight jacket. Inside wear a SOLID casual shirt. Its easier if you play around with the essentials. LOOK BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE!!

For the out-and-about outfits We would suggest this for BOTH OF YOU:

casual yet still dressy!!
Please don't get "STUCK" find a way out and REINVENT yourself YOU DESERVE TO LOOK GOOD FOR YOU!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So its 12:48 a.m. and Sally, Daniel, Mona and I just got back from the Jason Mraz concert. Can I just say he is the sickest singer that I have ever heard. Sally and I got floor seats. Daniel and Mo were the next section up. Even though it took forever to get the tickets it was worth the wait cause Sally and I were so close to Jason that we could practically grab at him. We weren't allowed to take video......but you know us we HELLA GHETTO!!

This is him taking Polaroid's of his band and tossing em out to the crowd. The next one is the sickest bongo player/singer EVER!!! Thanks to NETTE and her AWESOME FRIENDS(BRAD & DUKE & MARCO) we had the best seats. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


So in the past 24 hours Lynnette, mom and I took a road trip to see Tenney play. We left Vegas around midnight and dropped by Maila's to hang out for a bit and then headed off to Salt Lake. In what seemed like forever we finally arrived with NO SLEEP, but had enough time to get dressed and made our way to the U of U stadium. It took forever to park and we finally made it a half and hour into the game. We met up with Carsen, Sina and Cordelia. We all trekked together to meet up with Francis, Anton, Garzi and Ty. Even though it was an upset against Bingham Tenney did an awesome job playing each position he was put in. Even though we suffered from a lack of sleep it was worth the drive to see him play his last senior game. Now its midnight and were back at home. I took a ton of good photos during the drive and at the game. ENJOY!!

This is when we got stuck in the fog:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"DYME PIECE" As you can see the first NO NO and mistake our casualty made with this heinous see through top is not only disgusting but THE BIGGEST NO NO OF THEM ALL! First you do not wear see through anything to get attention unless its YOU AND YOUR MAN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!.....SECOND under garments are meant to stay under garments for a reason.......that is all we have to say about that.

With our last victim they have a similarity in body type and STYLE. We have another major NO NO....the lack of shorts on this victim and her body type do not mix at all. An out-and-about outfit should be:Billowy dresses with a loose fit are perfect for "DYME PIECE" covers all the NO NO spots and yet enhances the yesss spots. We don't want to hide you....we want to embrace the curves you were given. It was actually easy for us to decide what outfits would look good on "dyme piece" because all she seems to wear are SHORTS SHORTS AND MORE is the evidence:

SHORTS, SHORTS AND MORE SHORTS!!! Here are some NO NO TOPS....NO to the oversize boobies....NO to the old lady ruffly shirts......NO to the CHOLA bangs......NO to HER choice of COLOR.......and definitely NO TO light colored SWEATS not for the public eye to see!! Please do not fall victim to these ridiculous NO NO's!!!!! EH IF YOU READING THIS AND YOU'VE MADE THESE MISTAKES....DONT HESITATE TO HOLLA AT US OR JUST FIX YA DAMN SELF UP!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well ladies & gents, the moment you guys been anticipating for, who is the next "FASHION VICTIM" of the week....and it is...........JANE PALEPOI!!!!!...YAY! You know we love you, but just take some pointers it won't hurt to try. So let's start with the fashion NO NO's!!! Luckily I found a picture that points out all the no no's to make it easier for you all to see....Step 1) NO to the BOOTY SHORTS!!! (as you can see in the picture circling the shorts!) These type of shorts especially the cut off jean booty shorts says, "TRAILOR PARK" all over it! No hard feeling, I'm just KEEPING IT REAL. Anways moving on....Step 2) The shirt you are wearing makes you look bigger and your not. It hugs the wrong areas of your body you do NOT want to emphasize. Especially since there is a spandex band at the bottom of your shirt which scrunches everything making you look bigger. Woman like Jane who are blessed with big boobs should wear top and blouses that have an "empire waist" to be in exact terms. It usually gathers under the breast area. These designs are to draw attention away from the thicker midsection. You want clothes to accentuate these sexy curves & those tops do the job! Also I would like to stress to you ladies with the big chest....that you DO NOT need to always show cleavage to be sexy! Now back to the booty shorts don't forget to pick shorts that are suitable to your body type as well as age appropriate. The key is to look for shorts that fit comfortably around the waist with enough breathing room around the tummy. Also cover any bigger spots such as your thighs or any other regions you are uncomfortable with of course still wearing darker colors it makes you look slimmer. You should wear shorts that fall to the middle of your thighs for a solid casual look. Also if you are going for just a casual look and want to be comfortable, just throw on a pair of gladiator sandals or flats. It's cute, simple, and comfortable. Or perhaps your going out and you want to spice it up just throw on a pair of heels ( pumps, stilettoes, maryjane,etc.). Heels elongate a woman's legs to make her appear more taller and look more proportioned. Especially if your short or have thicker legs, heels always does the job in slimming you down. LOVE IT, LIVE IT, & EMBRACE IT!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I guess for some its hard to choose footwear that not only compliments the outfit, but the structure of your body as well. I have thick legs, but the one thing i hate are my calves. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING BOUT LADIES!!! If you are one of the unlucky Samoan girls who was cursed with THICKETY THICK CALVES......well WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! Thank goodness they now create AWESOME shoes for the the "big calved" chicks. The biggest problematic shoe are boots here's how to wear them.

The Best Pants for Ankle Boots
This one is definitely a no-brainer -- ankle boots work with any kind of pants. The advantage to wearing them over shoes or taller boots is that you get ankle coverage without the bulk of a knee-high boot. But -- and this is a big "but" -- the only pants that work well tucked into ankle boots are very tight ones. The pic to the top right is TORRID'S skinny jean for plus size women. Classic, Fitted or Regular boot cut Jeans are also good jeans in wearing a variety of boots. Wal-Mart carries the cutest classic jeans and there under $20.

Boots with Long Skirts
Whether they're flat or heeled, ankle boots and long skirts are a classic combination. While I personally prefer to pair them with a long skirt that is on the fuller side, I've also seen ankle boots paired fairly successfully with long skirts that are more narrow. Whichever style you prefer, the key is to show no leg. If the skirt isn't long enough to cover the top of the ankle boot on its own, add a pair of tights.

Short Skirts and Ankle Boots
This look is definitely a little more difficult to pull off, because a lot of women don't like their legs. But it works well because instead of showing no leg, you're showing a lot of leg -- the real trouble comes in when you only show a little leg. Look for skirts that are a couple of inches above the knee or shorter and skip anything that's too full.

DON’T fear wearing boots with leggings. While most plus size women stay far away from leggings, if you wear knee high boots and a long sweater, leggings work great for any shape. Just be sure your long sweater hits you below the waist about 2-4 inches, for the best look.
DON'T be afraid to try high heeled boots, even if you’re fairly tall. High heeled boots can be great for adding length to your legs, creating an overall slimming appearance for all body types. Flat boots can actually make your legs look stumpier. It’s best to pair high heeled boots with fitted jeans or dresses and skirts.

DON’T fall victim to the upcoming trend of ankle boots. While ankle boots can be flattering if you have slim legs, if you carry more weight on your lower half of your body, stay away from ankle boots. They can make your legs look larger than they are and even make them appear shorter.