Monday, June 15, 2009


So its been waay too long and I've gotten extrememly lazy on blogging..(thanks to facebook)! But anyways alot has happened I turned 24 and at the same time Tenny FINALLY GRADUATED!AND NOW Nette and I are sooo excited that were going to HAWAII next week. Sally is busying living her adolescent life and well fashion to us is still more important than anything.

DEAR ME!....I almost forgot my younger sister FITI is getting married in August so wedding attire is what is most important at the moment for us! Her theme for her wedding is: 40's vintage Tea Party!!....cute right? I know August is like 2 months away but I already started looking for my outfit and the best places to look for anything vintage is.....ANY THRIFT STORE! Its easy to alter and its sooo inexpensive here is what im looking for:

so the white one is meant for a wedding dress and you never want to outdo the bride.....BUT.....please if I found a dress like that in my size......SORRY FITI!! hehehehe
So for those who are attending this wonderful occasion PLEASE DONT LOOK LIKE A PAUPER AND DRESS UP CUTE!.....I'll be taking photo's!!